The world is rapidly changing, the funnel of technological progress captures the Ukrainian economy more and more. FUIB does not stand apart from innovations; we are changing in order to be more effective and convenient for our clients. Therefore, this year report is dedicated to digital transformation.

We will show how innovations affect the economy and the financial sector. You will also learn about FUIB's activities in 2018 and our achievements on the path towards digital transformation.

All the necessary information on the credit card — the time of minimum payment, credit limit, etc., is always available to the client

Manage expenses at your fingertips

Now all your funds are with you — pay on the Internet (no cash is needed), manage geo limits, set limits on cash withdrawal operations

Almost all banking operations requiring the physical presence of a client can be done in a few seconds — transfer funds, recharge a mobile account, repay loans, open and replenish a deposit account

The up to date offers and information about new banking products could be learnt from bulletin boards, leaflets and booklets

Just a few years ago, almost all financial transactions — utility fees, account replenishment, and transfers from one account to another were made only through a cash desk at the branch

Recently, people used cards mainly to withdraw cash

Most business services could be obtained only with the personal presence and availability of relevant documents