Online transactions from card to card

  • Advantages
  • Conditions
  • Limitations

– Replenishment of any bank payment card

– Repayment of debt on credit card

– At any time of day or night - 24/7

– Without visiting of the bank

– Without filling of paper documents

PUMB offers the possibility of transferring funds between cards in online mode. To transfer money, you must enter a card number, its validity period, CVV2- or CVC2 code (indicated on the reverse side as 3 digits) and your phone number. Mobile is needed for protection: if your card has been stolen, a malefactor will not be able to use it without confirmation.


The service allows transfer of funds between Visa and MasterCard payment cards. They do not have to belong to FUIB — transfers can be made between cards of any Ukrainian banks. All transactions are in hryvnia. Fee for transfer is 1.0% + 5 UAH and charged from the sender's card together with the amount that he sends.

There are certain restrictions on the transfer:

  • the maximum amount: at once — 25 thousand UAH, per day — 75 thousand UAH, per month — 149 thousand UAH;
  • up to 10 transfers can be made per day;
  • the number of transfers per month is unlimited.


The main advantage of the service — the possibility of transfers without visiting the bank. You don't need the documents for the transaction &Mdash; your card and phone number only. The service is open 24 hours a day.

In addition to transferring funds, you can also pay off your credit card debt. The transaction is available in national currency only and only for cards opened on the territory of Ukraine.

Foreign currency transfer

To transfer foreign currency or make a transfer outside Ukraine, you need to contact a branch of First Ukrainian International Bank. Bring your passport, identification code and beneficiary's details. For international transfers, our bank uses the SWIFT system. The commission of such transactions is 1.5%.

The currency you send must correspond to the currency in which the beneficiary's account is registered.