Credit card VSEMOZHU

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Credit card VSEMOZHU

Up to 62 days
grace period without overpayments for loan repayment
Up to 200 000 UAH
available amount credit limit
No commission
cash withdrawal
3% monthly payment
from the amount of debt and accrued interest for the use of credit funds (if any)
monthly interest rate, after the expiration of the grace period. The maximum interest rate is 47,88% per annum
12 months
loan term with automatic prolongation
The grace period is not valid
to cash withdrawals and transfers of credit funds to the accounts and cards of any banks.

Pay monthly credit card payment conveniently

Preferential terms of credit card service for the period of martial law

Payments are calculated individually and significantly reduced compared to pre-war times.
We recommend not to accumulate debt and make payments in a larger amount than they are currently calculated.

Loan funds without overpayments up to 62 days

Return the funds spent this month before the 30th day of the following month and do not pay interest

The purchase date
The duration of the grace period
a period during which no interest is accrued for the use of credit funds without overpayments
The billing date
the day by which you need to repay the entire amount of the bank's debt, then the use of the loan will be without overpayments

Calculate the total cost of the loan

Provided withdrawal at the ATM and making payments in equal installments within 12 months without taking into account the grace period
Your first monthly payment
1 245 uah
The total cost of the loan
12 575 uah
Total costs of consumer credit
2 575 uah
Real annual interest rate: 47.88%
Important! The amount of the calculation is approximate
Information on the essential characteristics of the Credit card VSEMOZHU with a grace period and a checkout service "Splachuyte chastynamy" .pdf

Protect yourself and your card from scammers

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