Carry out transactions with securities

FUIB – the leading Ukrainian bank that provides a full range of investment banking and brokerage services on the stock market of Ukraine for legal entities and individuals.

  • Takes a leading position on the Ukrainian securities market for bond trading (as evidenced by the annual ratings of CB traders)
  • The primary dealer of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine in the government securities market
  • Carries out trade operations on two stock exchanges – the Stock Exchange «Perspectiva» and the PFTS Stock Exchange
  • A member of the self-regulatory organization (SRO) – PARD
  • It has an extensive network of branches throughout Ukraine, which provides convenience in conducting securities purchase and sale transactions


Dealer operations

Brokerage services for individuals (residents/non-residents)

Purchase, sale of OVGZ, corporate bonds and other securities

Opening and servicing of client accounts on stock exchanges of Ukraine («Perspectivа», PFTS)

Opening and servicing of accounts in OJSC «Settlement Center» for bond trading

FUIB carries out operations with the following instruments:

  • Fixed Income Securities:

                - Domestic government bonds (OVGZ), denominated in UAH
                - Domestic government loan bonds (OVGZ) denominated in foreign currency
                - Corporate bonds

  • Shares
  • Promissory notes
  • Other securities (in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine)

Advantages of domestic government bonds (OVGZ):

  • High liquidity (allows you to purchase and sell on the secondary market promptly)
  • Payment of coupon income and redemption of OVGZ are guaranteed by the government of Ukraine
  • Attractive taxation conditions (income received on OVGZ) for individuals

Taxation features of individuals transactions with OVGZ:

  • Interest income on OVGZ is not taxed on the income of individuals (paragraph 165.1.2 of the NKU)
  • Investment income from operations with OVGZ is not taxed on income of individuals (paragraph 165.1.52 of the NKU)

Military government bonds sale

The Ministry of Finance has published information on the auction for the sale of domestic government bonds at the Ministry of Finance Auction to be held on 28.05.2024:


Bond code

Additional accommodation
Military bonds

Additional accommodation

Additional accommodation​

Term of circulation (days) 371 658 1 183
Number of issued bonds, (pcs.) 3 000 000 3 000 000 3 000 000
Profitability of the CB 15.00% 15.90% 16.85%
Placement date 28.05.2024 28.05.2024 28.05.2024
Date of payment for purchased bonds 29.05.2024 29.05.2024 29.05.2024
Maturity date 04.06.2025 18.03.2026 25.08.2027

Interest payment dates




FUIB has the following licenses of the National Commission for Securities and Stock Market:

Becoming our client is simple:

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Management of trading and brokerage operations

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Tel.: (044) 231-70- 53, (044) 231-73- 62

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Securities documents in the established form and certain requisites that determine the monetary or other property rights of their owner and the person who issued them. It is possible to implement and transfer these rights only upon presentation of a security. Investments in securities — one of the popular ways of earning the money.

FUIB — one of the important players in the trading of securities in Ukraine. The Bank has all the required certificates and licenses for the legal implementation of such transactions.

Types of securities

It is possible to carry out operations inFUIB with the following securities:

  • Shares. The document shows the right to share ownership in the company's capital. The share allows you to receive interest from the income of the organization or enterprise.
  • Promissory notes. A form has been established whereby the payer undertakes to pay the amount stipulated in the bill in a predetermined time.
  • Bonds. Debt security, whereby the issuer undertakes to pay interest or a discount from the nominal price of the bond.
  • Deposit certificates. Describes the amount contributed to the bank. Also fixes for the depositor the right to take this amount with interest after the expiration of the agreed period.

Operations with securities in FUIB

The main way to earn money on securities — sale or purchase with changes in the exchange rate and the receipt of dividends. FUIB offers its clients such commission services:

  • brokerage(purchase and sale, exchange);
  • placement and repurchase from the institutions of joint investment;
  • payment of taxes on behalf of issuers of securities;
  • purchase of government securities.


FUIB bank offers favorable conditions for the purchase and sale of securities. We provide up-to-date information, give a certificate and calculate the degree of risk of an operation. FUIB gives an opportunity to conduct operations on the primary, secondary, stock market and over-the-counter market. At the same time, the client remains completely confidential.