Credit holidays
for the martial law period

In the FUIB Online mobile application, it is possible to independently connect credit holidays.

What does it mean?


The loan holidays are temporary reduction in loan payments to reduce the financial burden. However, they do not cancel monthly payments.
Important! After the repayment holidays are drawn up, the receipt of new loans may be limited.

Conditions for granting the loan repayment holidays with the extension of the agreement:

provided to owners of cash loans and loans for the purchase of goods
if there is no overdue debt under the loan agreement
the grace period (if provided by the terms of the loan agreement) has expired
the balance of the debt under the loan agreement is not less than 1,000 UAH
more than 6 months have passed since the start of the agreement
at least 3 months left until the end of the agreement
Example of calculating payments:

The loan 10 000 UAH for 24 months

Mandatory loan payment: BEFORE the holidays

DURING the holidays

AFTER the holidays
(for the period BEFORE the extended term of the agreement)
AFTER the holidays
(for the extended period of the agreement – the last 6 months)
loan body: 416,40 UAH 0,00 UAH 416,40 UAH 416,40 UAH
monthly commission and interest on a loan: 399,07 UAH 399,07 UAH 399,07 UAH 0,01 UAH
Total payment amount: 815,47 UAH 399,07 UAH 815,47 UAH 416,41 UAH