How to learn the amount of monthly payment

  • In Internet-banking FUIB Online
  • With help of SMS-banking
  • With help of the information cards with requisites
  • Call 044 290 7290

You can make a monthly payment on a credit or the minimum payment on the card:

  • Without commission
  • With commission


The ways of repayment


On the website right now

Cashless replenishment

Without commission

ATMs and terminals of FUIB

Cash/cashless replenishment

Select in the menu of a terminal the section «Card replenishment» or «Account replenishment» and fill in the fields using the information card with requisites or excerpts on the credit card

FUIB Online

Cashless replenishment

1. Pass to  "Internet-banking system" 

2.  Choose in the menu card replenishment or credit repayment  and pay out Your payment

On the website of the bank

Cashless replenishment

Transfer the money from card to card via the link

Department of FUIB

Cash replenishment

Be sure to bring your passport and card. In case of the credit repayment by Your trustee, the person needs to know the requisites of the credit agreement (TIN of the borrower, number of the agreement).


Term of the funds enrollment

Self-service terminals of FUIB/ сash-in ATMs of FUIB / FUIB online / money transfer from card to FUIB card

  • Funds are credited to the account online, regardless of the time of payment. Moreover, for the timely repayment of credit debt, funds must be deposited to the account no later than at 18:00.


Departments of FUIB

  • On weekdays before 17:30 (depends on the department schedule) the funds will be enrolled on the account on the same day.
  • On the weekdays after 17:30 (depends on the department schedule), the funds will be enrolled on the account next day, including weekends and holidays.