Free money

    • Loan funds in the form of overdraft are available at any time 
    • Payment only for actually used amount of credit
    • For the Bank's clients who receive salaries, social benefits or place deposit funds on FUIB accounts
Free money

Get the money

  • Prior the salary
  • Under the collateral of deposit

Product "Automatic overdraft"

  • Funds are available on the card, on which you receive the wage or social benefits
  • Renewal of the credit amount after receipt of funds on the account
  • No need to remember another PIN-code
  • It is convenient to pay - automatically when you receive funds or any account replenishment
  • It can be activated deactivated remotely
  • The annual interest rate on the loan is 49.0% and the monthly commission is 7,00 UAH
  • Lending limit: 500 – 8,000 UAH
  • Loan term: 12 months with the possibility of auto-renewa


Calculate the cost of the loan using the calculator.

Information on the essential characteristics of the product can be found by following the link.


It is easy to repay

  • Prior the salary
  • Under the collateral of deposit

Product "Automatic overdraft"

Repayment of the credit, payment of interest and renewal of the credit limit occurs automatically with any receipt of funds on the account (wages, other payments, transfer of funds or replenishment of the account).

You can replenish the account:


In Internet-banking FUIB Online

At ATMs of FUIB with cash-in function

At the departments of FUIB

Remittance from the card to the card on the website of FUIB

ATMs of FUIB transferring from card to card

An overdraft — a form of a short-term bank loan. The bank allows the client to be in «minus» and borrow money in excess of the amount that is on the card. The amount taken over the limit is the amount of overdraft.

An overdraft has no special purpose, but there is a limit which can not be spent more than that. You can use this function several times during the month. The overdraft is included as an additional service in salary debit and deposit cards. The credit limit is determined according to the amount of salary received on the card, or the amount of the deposit.

How to order

Bank FUIB offers to order an overdraft «Vilni groshi». You can connect it to a salary or a deposit card (for «Pributkoviy» and «Spokіyniy» tarrifs;).

To order the service, you can go to a bank branch. You need to bring the passport of a citizen of Ukraine and certificate of an identification number assignment.

To holders of salary cards the bank issues an overdraft in the amount of 45% of the wage, but no more than 8 thousand UAH. For clients of the bank with the «Spokiyniy» and «Pributkoviy» diposits, the amount of an overdraft is 80% of the deposit amount.

Advantages of the «Vilni groshi» service in FUIB

Overdraft is useful to those who have unforeseen expenses before the salary. If the cost of a service or product exceeds your limit on the card, use additional funds to pay for it. The loan is repaid automatically upon receipt of funds on the card. You do not pay interest to the bank — it is necessary to return only the actual amount of the overdraft.

Advantages of the «Vilni groshi» service for the salary cards:

  • an additional limit on the same card where salaries or social payments are received;
  • you do not need to remember another PIN;
  • funds were credited on the account — the overdraft is automatically reset;
  • you can activate and deactivate the service remotely using PUMB-online.


To connect the overdraft function to the deposit card, you do not need to break the contract. The bank issues a loan in the amount of 80% of the deposit. The maximum period for which funds are issued, — 365 days. If your deposit agreement terminates earlier, then you need to repay the loan one day before that date.

An overdraft is available for every deposit you have in FUIB.

How to pay off

The loan debt automatically disappears when the money are credited on the card. You can replenish your card in the following ways:

  • using PUMB-online;
  • through the transfer of funds on the FUIB website;
  • at ATMs of FUIB with the function of accepting cash or transfers from card to card;
  • in the bank branches.