Receiving payments of individuals

  • Accepted funds are promptly credited to your account
  • The commission for payment – one of the lowest among all Ukrainian banks
  • The connection of all services and payment options – completely free
  • Connection is carried out automatically, immediately after the signing of the agreement

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Give your clients the opportunity to pay in your address quickly, conveniently and profitably.


The payment points in your address:

  FUIB  branch

  self-service terminals

  Internet-banking FUIB Online

   all-Ukrainian payment acceptance service

  payments on the website of your company

  electronic invoices (cards of all banks)

  QR codes payment (cards of all banks)

  regular payments


You can choose a convenient scheme for transferring accepted payments:

  • If your account is opened in FUIB, we can offer you such ways of transfer: each payment by a separate transfer or consolidation of all payments into a single transfer with the provision of an electronic payment register in any format you need.
  • If your account is opened in another Ukrainian bank, then all payments will be combined into one transfer and you will be provided with an electronic payment register in any format that is appropriate for you.


Information about accepted payments:

FUIB will provide you with a consolidated register of accepted payments in any format you need – it will significantly simplify the «diversity» of payments by your accounting department and will reduce to one click the time that is spent on the accounting of accepted payments.

We can also send information about the accepted payments in real time to your API.

Receiving payments on your website:

  • We will provide you with a static link to your personal payment page, which will be automatically ready as soon as the agreement is signed.
  • We will create a seamless frame for you, after which you will be able to accept payments directly to your site.


Both options do not require in any technical improvements to your services, connection in 5 minutes and they are absolutely safe.


  • FUIB has passed a security audit of the data storage BPC (Germany). And there are 7 such banks out of 150+. It's impressive!
  • The page on which you enter the data is on the bank’s server. The server of the bank - a real digital citadel.
  • TLS and SSL cryptographic protocols use asymmetric cryptography, symmetric encryption, and message authenticity codes.
  • 3D Secure: a modern technology that provides an additional level of security for your card.
  • The anti-fraud system ANTIFRAUD monitors the logic of payments.

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