• A wide network of service points – more than 350,000 points in 200 countries and regions of the world
  • The transfer is paid at any service point within the country to which the transfer was made
  • Delivery of a transfer to anywhere in the world in 10 minutes
  • Saving funds for the travel period (the possibility of making a transfer to your own name)
  • Affordable rates for sending money transfers – special rates apply to some popular destinations (CIS countries, Georgia, Israel, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
MoneyGram help you easily and conveniently receive money transfers

MoneyGram help you easily and conveniently receive money transfers

The Global MoneyGram network is represented in more than 200 countries and regions

How MoneyGram works


Step 1

Inform the operator of the control number and other mandatory details of the transfer in accordance with the requirements of the MoneyGram transfer system and present a document proving your identity


Step 2

Receive the money transfer

Terms and conditions of the money transfer
  • Money transfer system transactions are carried out on behalf and in favor of individuals in compliance with the Ukrainian legislation, in particular in the field of prevention and counteraction to legalization (laundering) of proceeds from crime, terrorist financing and the financing of proliferation of mass destruction weapons, as well as the rules established by Western Union payment system. Restrictions on the amount of transfers in foreign currency are established by NBU Resolution No.2 of January 02, 2019.
  • Payment of the fee for the transfer of funds is carried out exclusively at the expense of the sender and it is charged in hryvnia at the rate of the NBU that is valid on the date of sending the transfer, in accordance with the tariffs of the transfer system, which are the same for all participants in Ukraine.
  • Sending money transfer outside of Ukraine is carried out in US dollars, euros. The sender must specify the currency in which the transfer will be paid to the recipient (US dollars, euros or national currency in which the transfer can be paid in the destination country).
  • Payment of transfers received from outside Ukraine is made in US dollars or euros (in the currency that was specified when sending the transfer).
  • If the currency for sending and paying a transfer is different, then the currency exchange rate set by MoneyGram is used when converting the transfer currency. The exchange rate is communicated to the sender/recipient during the operation of sending/paying a transfer.
  • Money transfer is available for payment at any MoneyGram service point in the country of destination for 45 calendar days from the date of sending.
Additional Information
  • The payment company of MoneyGram payment system is MoneyGrаm Payment Systems, Inc. with the location: 1550 Utica Avenue South Minneapolis, MN 55416, USA.
  • Customer support service of the MoneyGram system in Ukraine: 0 800 503-273 (free of charge from landlines within Ukraine)
    You can get information about the list of participants in the MoneyGram money transfer system, the location and working hours of the nearest service points, and view the rates for sending money transfers on the system's website: MoneyGram Ukraine.
  • Information about the service points of JSC “PUMB” registered in the MoneyGram money transfer system, as well as their mode of operation are located in the section “Branches and ATMs”.
  • In order to prevent fraud, MoneyGram asks you to pay attention to the warnings in the section "Protect yourself from fraud".
Dispute resolution procedure
  • All disputes arising between the participants and users of the MoneyGram money transfer system (senders and recipients of money transfers) must be resolved through negotiations, as well as in a judicial proceeding in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine.

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